Best Macro Lens for Canon

5 Best Macro Lens for Canon

There are things that get pretty interesting when viewed closer. In photography, this is termed as macro. Macro images are those that are captured closer to achieve an image bigger than the real thing. This way, photos reveals better details and is more dramatic at rimes. But how can this be possible? One thing, macro lenses. And if you are interested to know more…

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Best 17 inch Laptop

5 Best 17 Inch Laptop

These days, multimedia entertainment is a common thing in many homes. You can have internet TV and a total surround speaker system, heck you may even do your Facebook over this one. But the thing is, it’s quite bulky. If you wanted a mobile total entertainment package then a 17-inch laptop would certainly do the trick. For that, here are 5 of the best 17 inch laptopout in…

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Best Desktop Replacement Laptops

5 Best Desktop Replacement Laptops

As its name says desktop replacement laptops are laptops that are made to be a great alternative for your conventional desktop PC. Some of the qualities that you should consider on buying a desktop replacement laptops are its display size. The suitable sizes for these kinds of laptops are between 15″ – 17″. You might also consider the processor and having a…

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Best Macro Lens for Nikon

5 Best Macro Lens for Nikon

Nikon is among the known brands to offer best DLSR cameras. But then these types of camera will only capture the best when paired to a worthy lens. But then hunting on the jungle of choices can be confusing at times. For that matter, you can check the following best macro lens for nikon that offer the best things a lens can have. (more…)

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Best Laptop Under 300

5 Best Laptop Under $300

When you think about laptops you are likely to associate the best for the priciest. But that would be applicable for the likes of a gaming rig. For users who simply wanted to have a machine for simple working such as surfing the net and some office works, overwhelming speed may not be their requirement. For that matter that having a simple yet reliable machine works like…

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7 Gift Ideas for the Boys

Looking for a gift idea for you boyfriend? Dad? Brother? Worry no more, check out the list below for the 7 gift ideas for the boys that they will surely love.  (more…)

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM1 Review

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM1 is tiny, measuring 58mm from its LCD screen to its lens cap, and it weighs 279g, which is a full 236g less than the DMC-GX7. Given the DMC-GM1’s interchangeable lens mount, its petite design is a phenomenal achievement. Crucially, the DMC-GM1 is the first compact system camera (CSC) with a zoom lens that will fit in many trouser pockets. This extra portability is partly…

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How to Choose the Ideal Monitor

Display monitors are very essential part of a PC system. With the right monitor you can have a cinema-life feel for your games, media streaming or graphics designing. With the presence of touchscreen monitors nowadays doing tasks is a breeze. But is it what you need?! What makes a monitor ideal? Below are 4 factors that you should consider whenever you are trying to buy a monitor for your PC. (mo…

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Tips for Better Smartphone Camera Photos

Try thinking about the camera phone as a “real” camera and you’ll soon find that there’s much more to it than convenience. With a little experimenting, you can learn to work around the limitations of a camera phone and start producing high-quality photos. Here’s six tips to get you started: (more…)

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5 Best Ergonomic Keyboard

The trend in business these days are made through the help of computers. Gone are the days that a simple typewriter works every time. As computers are present in business and homes, it becomes an important subject to build machines that fits and work with the human body contours. For that, ergonomic computer keyboards have become a good addition especially in offices. If…

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