2014′s Best Lightweight Laptop

10 Best Lightweight Laptops for 2014

When people buy a new laptop nowadays they usually look for an outstanding performance, sleek profile and most of all portability. A laptop that they will not be having problem carrying wherever they go. When it comes to choosing a laptop, a heavy or bulky laptop can give some pain on our body due to its built, thus making daily commuting a not so walk in the…

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2014′s Best Touchscreen Laptops

5 Best Touchscreen Laptops in 2014

Touchscreen devices are the “in-thing” this time around. For that reason that many OS in modern devices started to fiddle their design to support it. In the recent update of Windows, this as well was taken into account. For that reason that many modern laptops available in the market today comes with touch sensitive displays. Among the bunch, the ones listed…

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2014′s Best 10 Inch Tablet

5 Best 10 inch Tablets in 2014

Tablets are definitely one of the greatest technological feats of this century. It is by far one of the most preferred gadget be it for work or for recreation purposes, this is mainly because of their mobility features. With the vast selection of tablets out there looking for the one that fits you is a little bit troublesome. On our previous article we have given…

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2014′s Best Tablets Under 200

5 Best Tablets Under $200

When it comes to performance and functionality laptops are always being preferred over tablet computers. But when it comes to mobility, tablet computers are the top choice. Tablets nowadays are slowly being packed with functionality similar to the laptops. One great example of it is the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 though it does have similar capabilities with a laptop, it is…

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2014′s Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000

9 Best Gaming Laptops under $1000 in 2014

If you’re planning to grab a gaming laptop that is below $1000, you should read this article first before buying the first laptop that you laid your eyes on. Below are 9 of the best gaming laptops under 1000that you might like. Why 9? because 10 is so mainstream, just for a change. :) But before that, you might think first, what are the factors to be…

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2014′s Best Multimedia Laptop

5 Best Multimedia Laptops in 2014

In the multimedia scene, finding the best multimedia laptop is a little bit tough. There are things needed to have a well-balanced performance and experience. It’s not just in terms of processor speed or graphics. You needed things like better screen, enough battery life and good sounds. But then often, these combinations come with a rather hefty price tag.…

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2014′s Best Laptops for Students

5 Best Laptops for Students

Being student means you sometimes have to go on a tight budget. There are certain things that you want to buy but you can’t, because of insufficient funds.  That’s why you should always weigh in everything before deciding on what to buy. Just like when buying a new set of laptop. Although there are dozens of choices these days, often the one that can cover the basic…

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Top 5 Laptops for Photo Editing